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Serial Number List of Rudy Mück Instruments
Page Last Update 01/13/2014

This is a beginning, a starter list, of serial numbers we are accumulating. We have previously guessed at the dates as the only verified purchase dates we have are P. Zimmerman's serial 1425 in 1948 and N. Eldredge's Citation serial 2549 purchased April 13, 1959.  As well, the brochure link at the top gives a 1939 copyrighted brochure showing the Blessing-clone type horns which may or may not be a clue.

But since the dates on these seem to be all over the board, we are removing the dates unless verified by the owner.  If you have an explanation of how the serial numbers relate to dates, we'd sure like to know!

I've also received an explanation about serial numbers and manufacture dates from someone who has owned many Rudy horns and this is what they've said:

I am by no means an expert, but have collected a few Mück horns & can help you with their specs a bit...The serial lists can be deceiving, you never really know what you are buying until you get it.

Many lower numbers are not really his early horns, but imported from W Germany - post war (as Mück expanded his market, he stopped building all his own horns). These W German versions may have a very large bore .472"...These are similar/same as some of the York imports of the time.  If you want a NY Bach version, they don't come along often or cheaply...The Bachs will have a 3-5 serial, imports 3-6. The engravings are also varied, the Director model (with vertical, engraved lettering)...Others, I call 'reform school' or 'medallion' Mücks. They are imported & have a diamond shaped plate with "RM" on it...Still others were built using the Super Artist by Blessing. I have a cornet & trumpet of this version. Lastly, there are "French" models, (4M) that are balanced & seem to be like some early Buffet - Crampon offerings....

If you would like to include your instrument serial number here, please email us

Type Model Serial Date Clone of Comments
Trumpet Academy 48     Ebay
Trumpet Duo-Bore?? 119     T. Ladd
Trumpet   197     S. Gray
Trumpet   210   Blessing? C. Teixeira
Trombone 30-11 Foreign 230     Jack
Cornet   242     Ebay
Cornet   245     K. Wojcik
Trumpet Citation 284     D. Sloman
Trumpet   330   Bach? Admin
Trumpet   495   Bach? M. Weed
Trumpet Frankie Newton 513     Charmaine
Trumpet Super Academy 810   Buffet-Crampton? Admin
Cornet   827     Ebay
Trumpet   939   Bach? Admin
Trumpet Citation 1010 Purch 1957 Ordered thru Bennett Bros.  R. Gerard
Trumpet Citation 1019   Bach Strad Admin
Trumpet 2M 1021 In UK Dallas - London A. Glazin
Trumpet 2M 1027   Dallas - London J. Startup
Trumpet   1029   Bach Strad Ebay
Trumpet Citation 1044 Purch 1950s   Bruce P.
Trumpet Citation 1050 Purch 1958 Buffet Balanced Ebay
Cornet Academy 1054   Bach Student? Admin
Trumpet   1090   Bach Strad B. Baldino
Trumpet   1093   Bach ML C. Teixeira
Trumpet Citation 1104   Bach Strad A. B.
Trumpet Citation 1105   Bach Strad Ebay
Trumpet Citation 1106 $500 new New 1955 - Bach A. Johnson
Trumpet Citation 1109   In UK M. Godfrey
Trumpet Citation 1128 Silver Bach Strad T. Olson
Trumpet Citation 1140     O. Cardona
Trumpet   1146   bought new early 50s D. Pinkos
Trumpet 4M 1147   In UK T. Brooks
Trumpet   1151   Strad clone K. Murphy
Trumpet Citation 1196   Bach Strad G. Herchian
Trumpet Citation 1234     K. Austin
Trumpet Citation 1261    Bach Strad D. Falcone
Trumpet Citation 1285    Bach Strad? R. Dejonge
Trumpet   1287 Purch. 1950s Bach Strad M. Ponsano
Trumpet   1349   Bach Strad Sold 6/06
Trumpet    1362   Bach L C. Teixeira
Trumpet    1425  Purch. 1948 Bach? P. Zimmerman
Trumpet   1451   Bach Strad A. Soomary
Trumpet   1483     Trumpetologist
Trumpet   1495   Bach M C. Teixeira
Trumpet   1579   Bach Strad Trumpetologist
Trumpet   1585   Bach Strad Admin
Trumpet   1619   Bach Strad Sold 6/07
Trumpet   1625   Bach Strad T. Wygant
Trumpet   1644   Bach ML C. Teixeria
Trumpet   1720 Purch. 40s Bach Strad A. Presti
Trumpet   1739   Bach Strad Ebay
Trumpet   1774   Bach Strad Admin
Trumpet   1810   Purch fm Nick Russo P&A McReynolds
Trumpet   1879 Sold 11-2010 Bach Strad - NY USA S. Graf
Trumpet 4M 1921   Bought 1962-Scotland L. Tough
Trumpet 7M - Balanced 2028     J. Shelburne
Trumpet Citation 2033     J. Shelburne
Cornet Citation 2040     N. Eldredge
Trumpet 7M 2041   Dallas - London A. Prigmore
Trumpet Citation 2101 Purch. 1957 Vineland, NJ store J. Alacqua
Trumpet 5M 2187   Dallas - London I. Salek
Trumpet 4M - Balanced 2376 Australia Dallas-London L. Tomlin
Trumpet 5M 2377 Australia Balanced Phil
Trumpet 2M 2382 Canada Dallas - London - Purch. in Wales 2003 D. Parsons
Trumpet 5M 2434   Dallas - London S. Noble
Trumpet 5M 2528     C. Dance
Trumpet Citation 2539   Bach Strad Ebay-2001
Trumpet Citation 2549 Purch. 1959 Bach Strad N. Eldgredge
Trumpet 2M 2571   German? Admin
Trumpet 5M 2594   Dallas-London A. Herrler
Trumpet 5M 2599 Australia Dallas-London D. Thomas
Trumpet 5M 2627 Australia Dallas-London A. Jones
Trumpet 2M 2662 England Dallas-London S. Piper
Trumpet 2M 2701 England Dallas-London M. Hausmann
Trumpet 5M 2711 New - 1962 Dallas-London A. Beecham
Trumpet 2M 2732   Dallas-London D. Jones
Cornet Academy 2753   Blessing Artist? Admin
Trompone 2H 2825 England Over 35yrs - Dallas T. Skipp
Trumpet 7M - Balanced 2860 France Buffet-Crampton? F. Tricket
Trumpet 7M - Balanced 2990   Buffet-Crampton? Trumpetologist
Trumpet 7M - Balanced 2996   Buffet-Crampton? R. Turpin-UK
Trumpet 2M 3034   S. Wales G. Davies
Trumpet 7M - Balanced 3056   Buffet-Crampton? L. Giuliani
Trumpet 2M 3236   Dallas-London R. Kaufman
Trumpet 2M 3245     S. Smith-Wales
Trumpet 4M - Balanced 3489   Buffet-Crampton? A. Brown
Trumpet 7M - Balanced 3561     K. Milner
Trumpet 7M - Balanced 3567 Silver Buffet-Crampton? D. Carter
Trumpet 7M - Balanced 3580   Buffet-Crampton? P. Millar
Trumpet 7M - Balanced 3633     T. Service
Trumpet 4M - Balanced 3829   Buffet-Crampton? Admin
Trumpet 7M - Balanced 3978     E. Bruins-NL
Trumpet   4064     A. Prieto
Cornet 2L 4417 correct?   P. Shackell
Trumpet Academy 5024     Ebay
??? ??? 5031     ???
Saxophone Custom - alto 5355      M. Mullins
Trumpet 2M 5492   Dallas - London Ebay
Trumpet Citation 7496     Ebay
Trombone 2H 7721   Dallas - London Alice N.
Trombone 2H 7826   Dallas - London Ebay
Trombone 2H 7828   Dallas - London P. Donatz
Trombone 2H 8438   Dallas - London K. Japp
Trombone   22020  1938? Pur.1953 fm 15-yr owner - 1938?? Ken B.
Trombone Series 97 22937     Admin
Trombone   22956   Pur. 1943 NC - 6" bell B. Deibler
Trombone   23047   C-60? C. Mandernach
Trombone   23055   Found in cellar in Germany Achim
Trumpet Academy 26289   Bach? Admin
Trumpet Academy 26289   Blessing? Ebay
Trumpet   30453     M. Ostyn
Cornet 2C 31551   Dallas-London Ebay
Cornet 2C 31800   Dallas-London M. Ficken
Cornet   32199   Blessing Super Artist Clone E. Fitzgerald
Trumpet Series 97 32351     Ebay
    32405     L. Scott
Cornet 5C 32415   Dallas-London S. Hepple
Trumpet Series 97 32462     Blessing? V. Tenerelli
Trumpet Duo Bore 32788   SA - Pur. 1940 Johnston, PA T. Dipko
Cornet Series 97 33046   Blessing? Admin
Trumpet Duo Bore 33218   Tommy Dorsey Band N. Tedesco
Trumpet Duo Bore 33247     E. Fitzgerald
Trumpet Duo Bore 33313   Blessing Super Artist L. Quisenberry
Trumpet Duo Bore 34096   Blessing Super Artist Admin
Cornet Series 97 34276   SOLD ON EBAY J. Shillito
Cornet Series 97 34301     P. Ward
Cornet Citation 34843   Australia Phil
Cornet Citation 34847   Blessing? Admin
Trumpet   35933   Blessing Super Artist C. Teixeira
Trumpet   66780   Unknown S. Luck
Cornet Citation 68376     Nelson T.
Trumpet Academy 73624   Purch. in late 1950s D. & L. Fleisher
Trumpet Academy 78898   German? Admin
Trombone Citation 149794     C. Dell
Trumpet Academy 153688 0.465" Blessing Valves Ebay
Trumpet Academy 155964     Mark M.
Cornet Academy 156614   Blessing Valves J. Herzog
Trumpet Director 156696     S. Curtis
Trombone Director 156834     Tommy D.
Trumpet Director 157015   German? J. Cashin
Trumpet Citation 159006   German? Admin
Trumpet Academy 160463     Trumpetologist
Trumpet Academy 161337   German? Admin
Trumpet Academy 161474   German? B. Montag
Trumpet Academy 161367   German? K. Brothers
Trumpet Academy 161625   German? J. Fox
Trumpet Academy 162389   German? Admin
Trumpet Academy 162471   German? M. Clouse
Cornet Academy 162779   German? Ebay
Trumpet Academy 163354     Ebay
Trumpet   163297   Dallas-London Ebay
Trumpet   162528     E. Cundiff
Trumpet Director 167545   Yardsale Find Carl D.
Trumpet Director 174513   German? Admin
Trombone Academy 176648     Ebay
Trombone Citation 178795     Ebay
Trumpet Citation 184471     J. Dombrowski
Trumpet Director 189400     Ebay
Trumpet Conductor 191206     J. Van Galen
Trombone Conductor 192049 Purch.3/1/56 At Bennett Bros. NYC S. Low
Trombone Citation 196674     A. Roth
Trumpet Conductor 200307     J. Shelburne
Trumpet Citation 202817   Silver-plated B. Levin
Cornet Academy 203787     L. Ford
Trumpet Academy 203967   Purch. Used 1974 W. Payne
Trumpet Academy 205235     Ebay
Trombone Citation 206211     L. Atkinson
Trumpet Academy 208429     J. McAleer
Trombone Citation 213120     D. Dietrich
Trumpet Citation 230951   Citation USA - silver K. Jackman
Trumpet 5M 242730   Over 38 years old M. Cocker
Trumpet Super Academy 273512     C. Hansen
Trumpet 2M 602944 Finland Dallas-London J. Lipiäinen
Trumpet 4M - Balanced 603898   Dallas-London Ebay
Trumpet Model 65M 612258   C. Bastow - Super Six J. Woodhams
Trumpet 5M 612338     N. Chris
Trumpet 7M-Deluxe 7 612570   7M? Simon
Trumpet 7M 612578     Frederick C.
Trumpet 4M - Balanced 613069   Dallas-London Ebay
Trumpet 4M - Balanced 613070   Dallas-London S. Hepple
Trumpet 4M - Balanced 613075 Restored Dallas-London Ebay
Trumpet Academy 622657   LB - Blessing Artist Ebay
Trumpet Academy 622687   Australia Phil
Trumpet 7M - Balanced 622787 Purch.1960 Ireland J. Richardson
Trumpet Super  77?? 622802   Dallas-London P. Gorman
Trumpet Citation 624145     Denver D.
Cornet Academy 631113     Ebay
Trumpet Conductor 654046 Purch. 2004 -purchased used- E. Montgomery
Trumpet Citation? 662950 Purch. 1960s   C. Pahls
Trumpet Citation 672184     P. Powers
Trumpet Citation 682106   Sold on EBay N. Baucco
Cornet Conductor 683879     Marc H.
Trombone 4H     Dallas-London G. Davies
Trombone Trombone     Martin? Admin
Trombone Mark III - 30H       Ebay
Trumpet Conductor       D. Miller
Trumpet 7M - Balanced     Buffet-Crampton? R. Adams
Trumpet Academy    Late 50s?   S. Hepple
Trumpet Academy       R. Adams
Trumpet Academy       R. Adams
Trumpet Citation     Balanced Citation? Ebay
Trumpet Balanced - 7M?       H. Lyttleton

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