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2014 Update

We have decided to put this site into maintenance mode and update only as we have time since our time is focused mainly on our Quality Brass website here:

Quality Brass Webstore

What that means is that we will add updates to the serial number list and repair any issues currently showing.  If we have something we've received from others with global interest, we will update also.

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Long Overdue Update - 2013

We got a note from Chris D., who goes by the userID of "frisco1227" and owner of Vintage Brass Parts eBay store, - click here ->
Vintage Brass Parts who has probably forgotten more about trumpets/cornets and other brass instruments than most of us know.  He provided some information before and I did not get it transcribed correctly on these pages.  What he said was:

the english times were a COMPANY named Dallas.....not dallas tx...and those balanced models were most probably made by Courtois....they made almost everything over there except the Buffet, LeBlanc and probably more....still have had no luck on those German made last vintages figuring out the maker...the carl fischer brochures are from the 50's and are those german made horns... I know the acadamies don't play very well...never had a citation from that later time period but wouldn't think they're too good....=

So, there you have it in a nutshell.  You'll find we changed many references and claims on the pages on this website.  Thank you so much Chris!

We received a real nice email from John Shilitto of the UK and included a part of it here:

Hi!  I'm pleased to tell you that I have today become the proud owner of Rudy Muck Series 97 cornet s/n 34276; bought on eBay and received this morning.

I note that the instrument is already listed on your serial numbers page. Please register me as the new owner. It's in good condition, with just one ding on the crook of the bell, which I will have removed. The lacquer has been removed and it is "two-tone" in appearance. The bell and sliding crooks are polished and bright, whilst the mouthpipe and main valve assembly are dull raw brass. It is really quite pretty and is the first Rudy Muck instrument I've owned in nearly 60 years of playing.

The valve action is very fast and smooth and I am impressed by the tone, although it seems to play a little bit flat. I've not played a cornet since the 1950's when I first started playing on an instrument borrowed from an uncle. Since about 1955 I've stuck to trumpets; playing jazz in small bands based on New Orleans, Dixieland and Swing styles. I'll have to investigate mouthpieces to suit, and to play in tune.

For the last 25 years I've played mainly Bach Strads, using a 11/2c mouthpiece. My other "working" horn is a NYTC Stage 1 California Light (superb instrument - recommended) and Monette mouthpieces B2 and B2D...

I well remember Rudy Muck advertisements in the musical press when I was young - and the claimed reputation of Rudy Muck mouthpieces to extend the player's range whilst reducing lip fatigue. Several older trumpeters recommended the 17c cushion rim to me when I was a schoolboy, blowing hard in my enthusiasm and experiencing endurance problems

Meanwhile, I'm going to give the 97 its first public outing tonight in an occasional "scratch" band with which I play, down at a local pub.

I am:  John Shillito, Devon, England

Check out John's website - real nice!!

We received an email from Todd, the webmaster of the Bach and Holton Loyalist and the new Trumpet Forum websites!

Fred - Saw you joined my new forum at yesterday. I always enjoy your Rudy Much updates.

I'm sending you an email, because I recently started a dedicated forum for my Bach Loyalist, and a friends Holton Loyalist site, where I can answer the common questions we get from our loyalist sites. I found myself answering the same questions often a few times a month, so I put them all in one location here on After I get a good response, then I add the new content to my website. I writing to see if you would add my link to your links page, also if you would like to also have a dedicated forum on my new site, where you may find useful, similar to my examples. No cost to you, and would make you the moderator of your forum (similar to what I've done with Holton Loyalist).

We don't have the time to do this with Todd but if you have an interest, please either let me or Todd know that you would like to help out there.  Thank you!

First 65M Super Six Seen
in the wild

click on photo to see larger version

We received photos of a 65M Super Six trumpet from John Woodhams from the Isle of Wight, UK.  John says:

"Hello Have just discovered the site, and thought you might be interested in the following details. I have owned this instrument since 1966, and it is still played regularly.

Model 65M Super Six, serial number 612258

Best regards John Woodhams Isle of Wight, UK"

IYM Corp. of Ridgewood, NJ.  offers vintage MPs:

Tony tells us they currently are producing a 17C trademarked replica trumpet mouthpiece. a 21C tenor trombone mouthpiece and are introducing a tuba model which is the rarest design and almost impossible to locate an any condition.  That's very true -- we only have 1 of these and have never seen another!  To see IYM Corp's trademark replicas please visit here:

Well, now you have 3 resources to find these mouthpieces.  To find the vintage ones, Ebay is the place to go.  For well-made replicas, choose your type --2nd generation or the trademarked 17C trumpet mouthpieces.  For some interesting reading, we have a mouthpiece comparison page where we've taken measurements on various vintage and 2nd generation mouthpieces.  See here:

Mouthpiece Info & Comparison

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